Valentine's is coming! 💕

This year, Valentine's will be on a Sunday and it will be the perfect way to end the weekend! In this blog, I'm going to share some ideas on what you could do to make the most of this special day. 😍

Decorate - simple balloons and petals are very cost effect and can make such a difference. Check out your local supermarkets and pound shops during your next essential trip and see what they have on offer. If you fancy doing a bit of DIY, why not get creative and make your own decorations. 🎈

Breakfast in bed - make his favour breakfast and serve it to him in bed, or why not prepare breakfast together and because it will be Valentine's, why not use your finest cutlery for the day. 🥨

A late morning stroll - take a walk and get some fresh air, it would be a great change of scenery and since we are still in Winter, it would be the perfect opportunity to walk and cuddle at the same time, after all, it's very chilly out there!

Create a playlist - gather all you favourite songs together and play it while your at home. If your a musician, why not create your own melodies.

DIY spa day - use your favourite lotions and bubble baths. If you have an electric foot massage or chair, why not take it out and use it to help you relax.

A candlelit dinner - this is the perfect chance to show cast your cooking skills so why not cook his favourite meal or try something different, seeing as it will be prepared with love, I'm sure that it will be a winner! Alternatively, order your takeaway.

Dessert - buy or bake something nice, its up to you! I have some easy to follow recipes in my other blogs so be sure to check them out after you've finished reading this one and most importantly, they can be made ahead of time. Alternatively, buy your or his favourite dessert from the shop or if you would like to do something extra special, get in touch to choose something from my Valentine's range this year. From cake jars, to mini tray bakes and more, but my top is STLBakes' ultimately treat box which consists of 3 cupcakes and 3 cakesicles for only £18 or you can by 2 boxes for £30, saving you £6. The last chance for you to order for Valentine's will be 11th February at 3pm and a full payment would need to be made at the same time to secure your booking.

Have a movie night - watch your favourite movie together over some popcorn or dessert.

This year may not be as last year but if there is anything that we need to be reminded of is that we need to make the most of what we have. So if you have children, be sure to involve them in the planning as well and get them to bed early in preparation for home school the following day so that you and your significant other can have some quality time in the evening.

Happy Valentine's to you and your mister in advance,

All the best,


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