Top tips on how to choose the right baker!!

Choosing someone new can be a dauting process especially when money is involved.

With social media taking off in the way it has over the last few years, you could practically find all the services that you'd need 'under one roof', but being an online platform, you may not always get the opportunity to meet them face to face prior to any transaction and a great level of trust would be needed.

In this blog, I am going to share my top tip that you may want to consider before booking a baker.

When you contact them, do they say thank you?

Common courtesy never goes a miss when it comes to business. Feeling value as a customer in the early stages enables trust to be established.

Do they offer your style of cake and/ meet your dietary needs?

With so many options from keto, to gluten free, vegan, allergen-free and more having prior knowledge of whether a baker provide these specialist bakes would save you time. Some bakers only produce a specific style of cake; for example; carved/ novelty cakes, semi naked cakes, etc. Finding a baker who provides what you need is essential.

Do they stick to their word?

Once you had the initial conversation with them, do they stick to their word? Was the quote given by the time and date specified? If there was a delay, did they apologise for the lateness or at least keep themselves accountable to you by letting you know that the quote would be sent later than expected?

Are their prices conclusive?

One of the biggest pet peeve is being given a quote to only be faced with additional charges that you were not aware of. Is the quote that was sent final? Will there will any additional or hidden charges for the same enquiry you had despite no changes being made?

Do they seem trustworthy?

When you speak to someone online or over the phone, there is only so much you can to find out whether this person or business is trustworthy, but when you know, you know! Check online, do they have a website or a social media page, do they seem to be legitimate? Are they professional? Are they handling your enquiry in an appropriate way?

Do they seem reputable from their reviews?

Do some research, have a look at their reviews, so whether it by from their social media or somewhere like Google, have a read. Are their more positive reviews than there are negative? What is your gut instincts saying?

Do you feel confident after communicating with them?

It is often easy to trust someone but when the trust is broken, it is often hard to rebuild. Do you feel confident in the answers that they gave? Are the suggestions useful are they answering your enquiries in a way that builds your trust in them and their service or is it making you doubtful?

Do they have any terms and conditions in place?

This is not only essential for legal reasons but also lets you know what your rights as a customer as once a payment a is (as you'll be in a binding contract at that point). Knowing this gives you that extra confidence.

If you are in doubt at any point, be sure to ask the relevant questions so that you can be and feel confident about your decision,

I hope that you found my top tips helpful, I would love to see your comments below!

At STLBakes, my motto is 'Bring smiles to faces' and with every order this is what I aim to do and more. I am based in Peckham, South East London and if you have an event coming up and in need of cake or an assortment of treats, please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss this further. If I do not cover your area, I know other bakers who I might be able to refer you to.

Al the best and thank you for reading,


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