STLBakes ultimate chocolate buttercream recipe could be yours...

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

A day late but better late than never!

Where are all the chocolate cake lovers? (Leave me an emoji in the comments below)!!

This day is for all of you!!

To think, a whole day dedicated to chocolate cake...?! You can only imagine the impact it's had over the years to have its own day of recognition...

Chocolate cake is definitely one of the most requested flavours and the one thing that is always highly spoken of by my customers is the buttercream... The light, fluffy, smooth, mousse-like, decadent and melt in your mouth buttercream. Lets take a moment to admire it's beauty and silkiness as its frosted in-between the layers of this chocolate cake below.

This is my go-to recipe and it's always paired with all of my chocolate cakes and cupcakes at STLBakes.

If your a chocolate lover yourself, I'm sure you'll tried a chocolate cake recipe or two or maybe you've even aced it!! But if you want to take your bakes to the next level to impressed a certain special someone (after all, it is Valentine's Day coming up ), then my ultimate chocolate buttercream recipe which has made many people happy can be yours at just £2.99.

This is a PDF document which will be sent straight to your email.

Many have said that they would enjoy their brownie with ice cream but for the extreme chocolate lovers, I'm sure having a generous helping of this with their brownie would be the cherry on top of the cake.

To get your hands on one of my most loved secrets to all of my chocolate bakes, get in touch!!

Send me a DM or message on 07534 134405 and that decadent recipe which has your name on it can be on its way to you!

Happy national chocolate cake day to you once again!!!

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