STLBakes loyalty cards are available!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Updated: May 3

Happy Start of the week everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well and had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

From the title of this blog, I'm super excited to say that I am now offering loyalty cards!! I appreciate all my customers, especially the ones who return to me celebration after celebration to order something for their event. I really wanted to extend my appreciation for your continuous support with this loyalty card scheme that I am launching!

With many loyalty cards, customers tend to only benefit from their bonuses after 6 or more visits or purchases but I wanted mine to be different and for the bonuses to be obtained quicker.

So, how does it work? Here are the terms and conditions of these cards.

Once you have placed an order that is £35 or more, you will either get a stamp on your card or a stamp and a reward, it's as simple as that!

These cards are electronic and will be sent to you via email after a full payment has been received for an order and the card will have the relevant updates on it.

They are valid for a year from the date of your first order, for example, if you place an order on 20th February 2021 of at least £35 or more, the card would expiry on 20th February 2022 and the orders would need to be fully paid on or before this date to redeem anything that is available to you at the time. After this date, the card, bonuses and deals will no longer be valid.

This card can only be redeemed on full price products and can not be used against promotional offers, referrals or any other loyalty card schemes that may be produced by STLBakes.

The flavours for the cake jar (with your 2nd purchase) will be the same as the cake ordered (if applicable), if your order is not a cake, you will be given the choice to choose from one of the following; vanilla or chocolate. The 6 cupcakes (with your 4th order) will be simply decorated with a swirl and can be with or without have sprinkles and the flavours for this would include vanilla or chocolate. More complex designs will incur additional charges. The 10% discount with your 6th order will be deducted from the overall cost. All orders will need to be paid in full and on time as in the main terms and conditions.

Loyalty cards are personal to the individual customer and cannot be used by any other person nor transferred to another card.

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