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Updated: Jan 2

Season greetings everyone!

I hope everyone is well and had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones in whatever way you were able to and I wish you all well in the year ahead!

If you follow my 2nd page on Instagram 'Learn with STLBakes' you may have seen my recent post where I share the fact that not all of my promotions for 2020 went according to plan and one of the reasons for that is because I did not start advertising in good time. Giving your customers time to financial and mentally prepare for your promotions is key!

In this blog, I am going to share some key dates with you for 2021 so you can plan your promotions in advance but most importantly, plan to execute them!

Sit down, take your diary or planner out and decide which dates you will promote your products for and start planning in advance. For example if you want to do something for Valentines day (14th February) which is for couples, you may decide to offer a 6 box cupcake set with a mixture of chocolate dipped strawberries and love related fondant toppers. Knowing exactly what you will offer and planning in advance gives you a better chance at increasing your sales.

Please note there are many other dates but I have chosen a few.



1st New Years Day

(Also Veganuary month)


4th Feb World cancer day

12th Chinese New Year

14th Valentine's Day

28th Floral Design Day


8th International Women's Day

14th Mothers day


2nd Good Friday

4th Easter Sunday


9th International's Mother's day (excluding UK's)


20th Fathers Day (includes international as well)


*End of the school term*

7th World chocolate day

30th International friendship day


21st World gratitude day


*Black history month*

24th Mother-in-law day

31st Halloween


5th Guy Fawkes night/ Bonfire night

11th Remembrance Sunday

13th World Kindness day


25th Christmas

All the best and happy planning!!


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