Mothers Day is fast approaching!

Updated: Mar 7

This month is a very special month;

We have Internationals Women day on 8th March as well as mothers day on 14th March (and my son's birthday - yay)!

For some, Mother's Day this year may be different from previous years and this could be for several reasons; you may have lost your mum during the past year (or prior) and if you have, my sincere condolences to you! 🙏🏾 Maybe you live in another City and will not be able to travel down like you usually do due to the restrictions. Whatever your reason may be, in this blog, I will discuss what you could do to brighten and make the most of Mothers day!

For those who are grieving over the lost of their mum;

Have a cry if you need to

Go to the cemetery to lay down some flowers

Have some time of reflection

Take out your album, home videos, etc and reminisce

Light a candle in remembrance of her

Have a small celebration

Cook/ buy her favourite meal/ dessert and enjoy it

Share stories about her with your children/ grandchildren (if applicable)

Contact someone who is a 'mother-figure' in your life and send them some of the warmest of Mother Day wishes

For those whose mum is in a care home

Arrange a visit (according to the road out of lockdown, resident are allowed to have one visit who can hold their hand).

Ask the home in advance what you are allowed to bring if you wanted to take a gift with you.

Make a phone call if you are not able to see her (if needed, call the home's main number to speak to your mum)

If your mum is in hospital, get clarification on if one person rule will apply here too.

For those who live in the same City as their mum;

Arrange to go on a walk together/ grab a coffee

Have a picnic in the park

Pre-record a message from your and your siblings/ other relatives and make it into one video (if you are not able to meet up with her outside)

Buy her a gift;




Something practical (for eg flower seeds and a pot, makeup, etc)

Something personalised

NB: There are many courier services that run 7 days a week so be sure to buy your gift as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

For those who live with their mums;

Decorate the front room with balloons or some DIY items

Breakfast in bed with flowers

Have a small celebration

Cook/ buy her favourite meal/ dessert and enjoy it

Go for a walk/ grab a coffee

Treat her to a home-spa day experience

Allow her to put her feet up and relax - switch roles for the day

Buy her something meaningful

Set up a virtual mothers day meeting with your other siblings/ family members

Have a heartfelt conversation with her expressing your thanks and gratitude

If your mum is grieving herself, my condolences to her and the family and please refer to the above.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope that you will have a lovely day! If you are stuck on what treat to gift your mum or even to yourself. get in touch; our mothers day treats range from; bouquets of cupcakes to treat boxes, cake jars and more. I'm sure that together we can find something special for mothers day.

Prices start from £19.50. Terms and conditions applies.

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take".

- Cardinal Mermillod

Happy mothers day in advance!

All the best,


For information on the road out to lockdown, please refer to

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