Last Minute Father's Day Ideas

Hey everyone,

For some, Fathers Day this year may be different from previous years and this could be for several reasons; you may have lost your dad during the past year (or prior) and if you have, my sincere condolences to you! 🙏🏾 Maybe they live abroad and you are unable to visit. Whatever your reason may be, in this blog, I will discuss what you could do to brighten and make the most of Father's Day!

For those who are grieving over the lost of their dad;

Have a cry if you need to

Go to the cemetery to lay down some flowers

Have some time of reflection

Take out your album, home videos, etc and reminisce

Light a candle in remembrance of him

Have a small celebration

Cook/ buy his favourite meal/ dessert and enjoy it while reminising

Share stories about him with your children/ grandchildren etc

Contact someone who is a 'father-figure' in your life and send them some of the warmest of Father's Day wishes

For those whose dad is in a care home

Arrange a visit and take a gift that would brighten his day

Ask the home if you are allowed to take them out to the park for example, if the weather permits and ensure they are appropriately dressed for it

Make a phone call if you are not able to see him

If your dad is in hospital, visit him and take his favourite meal or dessert.

For those who are able to see their dad on fathers day;

Arrange to go on a walk together (if the weather permits)/ grab a coffee

Treat him to his favourite restaurant

Treat him to a home-cooked meal

Buy him a gift;



Something practical like a tie, socks etc

For those who live with their dads;

Decorate the front room with balloons or some DIY decorations

Breakfast in bed

Have a small celebration

Cook/ buy her favourite meal/ dessert and enjoy it

Go for a walk (if the weather permits)/ grab a coffee

Treat him to a home-spa day experience

Allow him to put her feet up and relax

Buy him something meaningful

Have a heartfelt conversation with him expressing your thanks and gratitude

If your dad is grieving himself, my condolences to him and the family and please refer to the above.

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad"

- Anne Geddes

Happy father's day to your special man in advance!

All the best,


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