Ideas for the May bank holiday weekend!!

Updated: Apr 29

It's that time again where many mums are patiently waiting for the May day weekend! A bank holiday means different things for different people; for some it's a day of rest, a day away from packing the schools bags, getting the kids ready and doing the school runs and for others, it's the perfect opportunity for some outdoor adventures with the family. In this blog, I am going share some fun ideas that you could do this weekend!

Have a day trip to the beach! Sand or pebbles - the options are endless.

Tips - Prepare packed lunch, snacks and drinks to keep you and your family going throughout the day and be sure to check the weather in advance! Going to a wet beach is no fun!!

Go to the park/ have a picnic! Whether you decide to go stay local or travel, this option is sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces!

Tips - If your going to a new park, check in advance to see if they have any additional facilities such as a farm, funfair, etc so that you will be prepared.

Visit an animal/ fruit farm.

Tips - check online to see what ones are available to you, some charge for entry and others do not.

Do some baking! Baking is something that many people find therapeutic so why not create memories while you bake with your loved ones. I also have some free easy to follow recipes, see the link below;

Tips - decide what you will bake and ensure that you have all the ingredients that you'll need,

Do some gardening! Whether it's in your garden or some plant pots in your kitchen, now is the perfect time to start sowing, what will it be; flowers, fruit or vegetables? Check your local supermarkets to see what seeds they have on offer.

Cook a family meal together. Find something that would be easy to follow and fun for all.

Have a BBQ. Invite some people over and enjoy each other's company. It doesn't have to be over the top and it doesn't have to be a barbeque per se but just a gathering with good food and good people. Ask everyone to bring a dish, drink or snack so that the workload can be divided.

Have a movie day. If you cant get to the cinemas, bring the cinemas to you! With the amount of movies that are available, I'm sure you'll be spoilt for choice!

Have a relaxing day in. Life can get busy and can be tiring at times and sometimes having a bank holiday means rest and relaxation so if you need to do that, then do it!

How will you be spending yours?

Let me know in the comments below

All the best and happy weekend to you in advance!


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