How to have a celebration during the UK tiers in 2021

Updated: Jan 13

Happy new year everyone!

I hope that everyone had a relaxing Christmas and is looking forward to what 2021 has in store, after all, we are only 3 days into the new year and the windows of opportunities are endless!

COVID might still be here for the moment but the good thing is that we know more now than we did last year!

In 2020, many decided to cancel their celebration so whether it was a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or a shower they decided not to go ahead with it because of the restrictions. Fast forward to nearly a year later, there are still restrictions in place and by no means am I encouraging people to go against the guidance of the government, but I am encouraging people to take control back! To still have their celebration while adhering to the rules but most importantly, not to cancel or postpone them but take those pictures, record those videos and create memories. One thing that is being emphasised that much more is that we need to adapt to the times and make the most of the situation.

If you or someone you know will be having a celebration within the next month or so, be sure to continue reading to see what you could do to make the most of the current situation that we are in!

Create a gift list;

Some of us may say that we don't want to get any presents for our birthday but lets be honest, who would refuse a gift? In the year of 'take back control' create your own gift list, there are so many online stores like amazon which enables you to create your own one, so when you've done this, send it out with your invitees and increase your chances of getting what you actually want this year!

Create an invitation;

Sure you may not be able to have a physically party but that doesn't stop you from having a virtual one. After you set a date so whether it be on your birthday or the weekend after for example, write it in your diary and let your loved ones know. You can be as simple or as fancy with your invitation as you like after its the year of 'take back control'. There are several platforms you could use to create this from Photogrid to Canva, once you've done this, send it out electronically. As for your virtual party, the platforms you could use as as follows; Zoom, Google hangouts, Instagram, Facebook, the list goes on and on. Do some research to find out which one would be most suitable and please note that some of these platforms have a fee.

The party itself:

You choose, so whether you decide to have a theme or colour scheme make sure you look the part and get your guests involved too. If you want music, then create a playlist and have it playing in the background. Just because its virtual it doesn't mean it has to be boring, get creative and make it interactive! Do you like singing, why not do some karaoke? Do you like acting, why not create a storyline and have your own version of Eastenders? Do you like playing games? Why not play a few and have giveaways for winners and participants! Since it will be your birthday, why not get your guests to share stories about you, who doesn't like a good laugh?! Order your favourite takeaway and encourage your guests to as well and have a virtual dinner together.


Julia Child rightly said that "A party without cake is just a meeting". In the year of 'take back control' when your celebrating your birthday let it be just that, a celebration and NOT a meeting. If you want something bespoke then look no further, from traybakes to cupcakes, cakes and more, at STLBakes, we can create something together, but if you fancy doing it yourself, I have uploaded a few recipes so if you want to practice your great British bake off skills, this would be a great start. Recipes are other in my other blogs.

Happy planning and happy birthday to you in advance!!

All the best,


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