Exclusive 20% OFF for Valentine's treats only at STLBakes

Have you ever had the intention of listening to that voice note, replying back to that text message or returning that call? Many times you have good intentions of responding back but life gets busy especially with your commitments to your family, work and/ business. With much delay, sometimes when you get a chance to reply, it's often days, weeks and sometimes even months later and at other times, you just cant be bothered 😂 or should I say, you would rather use that time to have a period of mental relaxation and that is total okay!! However, in order for you to do these things its often triggered by something else.

At STLBakes, a reminder every now and then never goes a miss. Being half way through the working week is an achievement in itself as you continue to juggle of all those different roles while home schooling your children. Being in the month of February, which is often referred to as the month of love, Valentine's Day is fast approaching as a little reminder about some of the amazing treats I have on offer, I am doing an exclusive flash sale for 24 hours on all Valentine's day treats that are booked and secured (fully paid) by 8.30pm tomorrow (11th Feb 2021). This is also the last chance to get your bookings in for the weekend.

Some of the deals include;

A large cake jar (480mls), will be reduced from £10, to £8.

Small cake jars (240mls) will be reduced from £18 for 3, to £14.40 for 3.

A box of 12 cupcakes will be reduced from £30 to only £24.

3 cupcakes and 3 cakesicles will be reduced from £18 to £14.40

And more

*Offers are only available on selective flavours and designs, the 20% does not apply to multibuy deals, and a full payment would be required at the time of booking.

Contact me today to secure your bookings!!

All the best,


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