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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hello everybody and thank you so much for reading my first ever blog. After deliberating on what I should start off with, I thought let me share how and why I started my cake business.

My name is Dandee and I am the owner of STLBakes which is a fully registered and insured cake business that I run from my home in Peckham, based in South East London. I am a Christian, wife, mother of two and a former nurse.

Growing up in a Caribbean household, my mum always baked whenever she had the opportunity to and her go-to cakes were fruit cake and maderia which were very delicious. Being a child in the kitchen with my mum, this was the first introduction in to the world of baking.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember baking a chocolate cake and my late dad bought the ingredients I needed for this recipe which believe it or not, including orange juice, needless to say it was a hot mess and that was my first baking disaster.

Fast forward 16 years later, I was working as a registered nurse and my husband and I were expecting our first child and we were just exited about our blessing we were both overjoyed with excitement of becoming parents.

After giving birth to my son, I absolutely loved spending time with him and the thought of going back to work was so disheartening to the point it bought me to tears in the middle of the night. After discussing this with my husband, he fully supported my decision to resign from my role as a nurse and to solely concentrate on motherhood.

Baking became a hobby of mine and I often baked for family and friends and this was something I grew quite fond of very quickly. The book that kick started my baking journey is called 'The Perfect Afternoon Tea Recipe Book' by Anthony Wild and Carol Patson.

Fast forward to my son's 1st birthday, I decided to make his birthday cake and YouTube became my best friend, the amount of time I spent watching cake video after cake video was insane. I was determined to make the perfect buttercream for my sons cake so I bought a stand mixer just for that very reason. We held a little party for him and I was super excited to present this cake that I worked so hard on and I got so many compliments from it.

In 2016, I was invited by my friend to an event on Women's Day and it was so encouraging and uplifting. There were many female speakers who spoke about their journey to becoming entrepreneurs, the challenges they faced, their triumphs, etc and by the end of the event, I believe that running a successful business was attainable.

In 2018, I contacted my local council and underwent food hygiene and safety training and I can proudly say that STLBakes is a fully registered and insured cake business since August 2018.

After experimenting and adjusting different recipes, I now have a range of bakes that would be perfect for any occasion , from meetings at the office to all celebrations big and small, I also have a vegan and gluten free range as well. For more information, check out my 'products' tab.

I look forward to hearing you from.

change, if a vision is triggered to start and run your own business, then so be it, write it down, make your plana dn go from there.

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