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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much notice would I need to give and how can I secure a booking?

For wedding cakes, I would need at least a 4 month notice period and for celebrations at least 2 weeks. These are rough guidelines but earlier bookings are encouraged to avoid disappointments. To secure a booking, you would need to pay your booking fee or upfront payment depending on when your order is booked and this will be specified in your invoice. 

Do you accept last minute bookings? 

It depends on my availability for that particular date but please do be aware that orders made within 7 days of the date required may occur additional charges and all payments must be made upfront.

I would like to order a celebration cake but do not have a design in mind, are you able to help?

Yes absolutely. If you would like any colours or themes that you would like be incorporated in the design then please let know, equally if you do not, I can create something special.

Do you cater to dietary needs?

I now have a vegan as well as a gluten free range, please see products for more information about the products are are on offer but please do be aware that all products are prepared in an environment where all allergens are used and although the highest standards of food hygiene and safety is practiced, I can not guarantee  that any product will be completely trace free. 

After I book my cake, can I make any changes to it?

Up to a certain point you may be able to make changes to your cake/s and I will be as accommodating as possible. If the requested changes effect the overall cost, any additional costs must be paid upfront.

I no longer need the cake, do you offer refunds?

No unfortunately, all booking fees once paid are non-refundable as stated in my terms and conditions. 


The date of my event has been changed, can I transfer my payment/s that has been to the new date?

It depends on how much notice is given and if any work has already been started. Please contact me as soon as to discuss possible options.

Do you delivery?

Yes, delivery and parking fees will apply wherever applicable. If delivering to a venue I will liaise with them to arrange a suitable time for delivery and will take photographs and videos as well as obtain a signature where possible to state that I have left the cake/s intact without any damage.

Can I collect my order from you and how should I transport it? 

Yes you certainly can if the cake/s does not require to be set up at a venue. An allocated time frame will be given to when you to collect your order, collection outside of those hours will be by pre-arrangement only. If someone else is collecting on your behalf, I must be notified of this as soon as possible and your cake will not be released until confirmation has been given. All cakes must be carried upright at a 90 degree angle and not leaning against your chest and should be transported to the destination as quickly and as safely as possible. All cakes if transported in a car, should be placed on a flat surface such as the boot of a car and ideally on a non-slip mat to prevent the boxe/s from sliding around. I would recommend you to create space in your car boot to accommodate the cake and while driving, please do so slowly and carefully, avoiding any sharp brakes and turns. It is not recommend for your cake to be carried in the passengers seat or in somebody's lap. In warmer temperatures, the air conditioning should be kept on during travel to help regulate the temperature and to minimise the chances of your product/s melting. Please note that once the cake has been given to you, I am no longer liable to any damages that may occur. A signature may be required upon collection  to state that the cake has been handed over intact and without any damage. 

What if I am unhappy with my order?

Complaints are very rare and due to the amount of work put into each individual cake I take them very seriously. Complaints regarding the decoration of the cake can be easily repaired so errors of this nature must be pointed out upon delivery/collection so as to give me the opportunity to correct them. Once a cake has been collected and no discerpties have been made known, this confirms that decoration is as requested and no further claims can be made. Where the complaint is in regards to the quality of the cake then the cake, or remainder of the cake, must be returned to me as soon as possible after cutting and within 24 hours of collection/delivery to ensure that I am able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint. STLBakes will not accept liability for any complaints made after this time.  Please note I can only deal with the customer who placed the original order unless authorised to do so.

Still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.