About Me


Hello and a very warm welcome to my website! My name is Dandee, I am a christian, wife, mother of two and the face behind STLBakes and thank you so much for checking out my website!!


I believe that every celebration whether it be an extravagant or intimate one, deserve special and long lasting memories. My motto at STLBakes is 'bringing smiles to faces' and this is exactly what I aim to do. I want your experience to be a pleasant one from start to end and together, we can make it happen!

 Being a registered business with a 5 star food hygiene rating, you can order from me with confidence. 

Before I became an entrepreneur, I followed my mums footsteps and became a nurse. I did this for 5 years before going on maternity leave. When my son was born, I fell 'head over heels' with my new role as a mummy and wanted to embrace this new chapter of my life which later led to me handing in my resignation notice, with the support of my husband.


Baking for family and friends became a hobby of mine and my passion for it started from there. After receiving many compliments and attending several business seminars, I was encouraged to become more than a hobby baker. After doing some research I  launched STLBakes in the summer of 2018.


My selection of cakes, cupcakes and more are perfect for any occasions from celebrations to cooperative events. I also have a selection of delicious vegan bakes as well.


In addition to being a baker, I am offer 1 on 1 sessions to hobby bakers where I am also a mentor to junior bakers and have produced and written several templates, guides and an Ebook.